IndiGo to procure four freighter aircrafts

IndiGo, the largest domestic airlines, is planning to add four more freighters to its fleet.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic passenger flight service has taken a hit throughout the world and airlines have shifted their focus on cargo business. “IndiGo …is in the process of sourcing four A321ceo aircraft, said the operator in a statement today. Each of these will be converted from passenger jets to a full freighter configuration.

Since these freighters will be converted from passenger aircrafts, company will be able to use the same pool of pilots and engineers that fly and service its current fleet.

IndiGo is expected to take the delivery of its first freighter in the first half of 2022, which will be used for both domestic and regional missions. The remaining three aircraft in the initial commitment are expected to arrive within a year or so from arrival of our first freighter, and further aircraft may be sourced depending on market development, the statement said.

The A321P2F (Passenger-to-Freighter conversion) is the most efficient narrow-bodied freighter available, offering 24 container positions and supporting a payload of up to 27 tonnes.



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