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Karkkidakam 1 – Spiritual month of Ramayana recital begins

Today is the first day of Karkidaka month believed to be an auspicious month for the recital of Ramayana- Lord Ram’s journey of life.

“Ramasya+ Ayanam= Ramayanam”

During the “Ramayana Masam”, the recitation of Ramayana starts from the first day of the Karkidakam Masam and continues till the last day.

As the name specify, this holy month is destined for undertaking pious Vratham and recitation of Adhyathma Ramayanam Kilippattu: the epic life of Lord Sree Rama, which is the most virtuous and conversant contribution from Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, called as the Father of Malayalam Language.

The Ramayana tells the story of a noble human being, his bonding and relations, how a man should behave, which are the paths that is to be chosen for a good life etc.

Understanding the root meaning of Ramayana, will enhance ones daily life and family bonding. The relationship between a wife and a husband can be enhanced by understanding Lord Ram’s ideologies.

Eka Sloki Ramayana, explains Ramayana in a single sloka.

“Poorvam Raama tapovaanadi gamanam , hathva mrugam Kaanchanam
Vaidehi haranam Jatayu maranam Sugreeva sambhaashanam,
Baali nirgrahanam, samudra taranam Lanka puri daahanam
Pashchath Ravana Kumbhakarna hananam yetahi Ramayanam”

Meaning: Once when Rama was sent to the forest [Ayodhya Kandam], He chased a deer, meanwhile, Sita was kidnapped, Jatayu was killed[Aranya Kandam]. Then there were discussions and planning with Sugreeva [for the war], Bali was killed [Kishkinta Kandam], the ocean was crossed and Lanka was burnt [Sundara Kandam]. Then Lord Rama, slayed Kumbhakarna and Ravana and rescued Goddess Sita [Yuddha Kandam].


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