Kerala CM requests people to use double masks

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday requested the people to use double masks to prevent the spread of deadly virus in the State.

Addressing a press conference here this evening, the CM said “Studies have found that the spread of Covid was controlled in various parts of the world where the use of masks was strictly enforced.”

“It is important to use double masking anywhere outside the home. Double masking does not mean wearing two cloth masks but instead placing a cloth mask after wearing a surgical mask.”

“If we wear masks like this and wash our hands frequently, we can prevent the disease to a large extent.”

He also urged individuals, celebrities and organisations to come forward to make people aware of the importance of wearing masks.

The CM also added that the government will take strong legal action against those who spread misinformation. The government will continue to take stern action across the state against institutions that do not take the issue seriously despite warnings of an escalation of the Covid outbreak. Restrictions and checking in harbours will be further strengthened.

The Chief Minister announced that oxygen war rooms are being set up in all districts. There will be an oxygen war room at the state level also. Issues that cannot be resolved at the district level will be handled at the State level war room.

The required number of beds, ICU beds, ventilators and ambulance has been increased. The manpower resources in the health sector are also being strengthened along with the facilities.


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