Kerala floods man-made says Amicus Curiae: Demands judicial investigation

Kochi: In a huge setback to the ruling communist government, the Amicus Curiae has submitted a report which says that the devastating floods last year in Kerala was caused by mismanagement in the opening of dams.

The court appointed amicus curiae has also demanded a judicial probe into the matter.

The report says that the dams were opened without following the required guidelines and criteria. Amicus curiae also said that a probe must investigate if the warnings were in line with the guidelines.

Dams had reached full capacity as more water flowed into it quickly. However, the government did not take the warnings of Met Department seriously and had failed to take precautions to face the unrelenting rain.

The 49-page explanatory report was submitted by the Amicus Curiae after many pleas came before the court pointing to the failure of the state government in managing the opening of dams that led to the floods that devastated Kerala.

The 2018 floods of Kerala is said to be the biggest flood in recorded history of the State. After months of continuous rainfall, water levels across the State were steadily increasing. Reports say that the government ignored the warning signs and did not do enough to control the water levels before the dams reached full capacity.

Besides, there are reports that suggest that the government refused to open the dams till the last moment to store water for electricity generation. After the dams were finally open it was released at one go and without adequate warnings. Within hours the dam waters flooded towns, villages, and cities plunging the people of the State into an unprecedented misery.


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