Manish Tewari and Congress are only passionate about spreading distrust and rumors: Dr Harsh Vardhan Singh

New Delhi: The Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan Singh on Saturday slammed the Congress party and MP Manish Tewari for raising unnecessary concerns and rumors about the efficacy of the Covid 19 vaccine.

“Manish Tewari and Congress are only passionate about spreading rumors about the vaccine. Open the eyes, sharing photos of eminent Doctors and government functionaries getting inoculated”, said the minister in a tweet. He even quoted English writer Charles Caleb Colton and said “So blinded are we by our passions that we suffer more to be damned than to be saved”.

He further added that the vaccine is the result of the immense effort taken by the scientists in the country and that the guiding principle in the process has been safety.

“Shri Manish Tewari Ji, science behind COVID19vaccines is resolute. Our scientists have worked at lightning speed to expedite functions that contribute to development of a vaccine but not a single function has been circumvented. Safety above all else has been the guiding principle!” tweeted the Harsh Vardhan.

The tweet is after Congress MP Manish Tewari claimed that the government officials are not getting themselves vaccinated since they do not trust the safety and reliability of the vaccine.


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