Quite Interesting move: The tea stall where PM Modi sold tea will soon be a tourist spot

Have you all ever wondered how a simple tea seller reached heights to become the Prime Minister of India? And this simple tea seller penetrated into the hearts of Indian people which has made him the Prime Minister for the second time.

Well, there’s an interesting development to happen in tourism. The tea stall, which our Prime Minister used to sell tea in his childhood, is going to be turned into a tourist spot.

This will definitely attract a flock of people around the other countries too.

The Ministry of Tourism has decided to convert the tea stall situated in Vadnagar, Gujarat into a tourist spot. The Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel took a tour of the spot and decided to maintain the essence of the tea stall even after converting it into a tourist spot.

The stall will be protected with a glass cover, but there would be no change in the form or the condition of the tea stall.

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