Saudi Foreign Minister postpones visit to Pak: Might visit India

New Delhi: Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Abdel Al-Jubeir has postponed his scheduled visit to Pakistan in the background Indo-Pak tensions.

International media had reported that the Foreign Minister’s visit to Pakistan was to mediate an amicable solution between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, there are reports sugges Saudi Arabian Minister might visit India instead.

Saudi Arabian leadership is widely seen moving closer to India. After India conducted airstrikes inside Pakistani territory, Saudi Arabia had warned Pakistan not to retaliate back.

Besides, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s recent visit to India after Pulwama attack said much about Saudi’s growing interest towards India. The Crown Prince was on an official tour of several countries including India and Pakistan when the Pulwama attack occurred. He was scheduled to visit Delhi after visiting Pakistan.

However, in the background of Pulwama attack, the Crown Prince avoided flying to India directly from Pakistan. Instead, he went back to Saudi Arabia and flew to India from there.

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