Three women bikers on a journey to create history, break convention

Three young women bikers, all having a common passion for driving bikes and travelling are about to accomplish the task of covering the entire seven northeastern states in seven days.

Nobody else has attempted such a venture in the mysterious hilly region, dotted with lovely people of different ethnicity and colour with different political hues.

Under the banner “Breaking Stereotype and Redefining North-East”, Nirmali Nath from Assam, Rosalynn Lushai from Mizoram and Onen Nenty from Nagaland will be covering about 2500 km when they complete the journey.

The three girls managed to enter Manipur despite a bandh by the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur on Wednesday and reached Imphal with support from security personnel and were escorted by enthusiastic riders of Manipur.

After a series of interactions and felicitations by various organisations including Manipur Tourism forum at Hotel Classic Grande the team left Imphal today for Nagaland.

So far, the team did not face any technical problem or break down during the tour and the girls can handle some problems on their own. By helping each other the team can change a tyre, repair minor problems.

They broke the stereotype of women being confined to homes and burying all dreams in their mind. Inspite of some states having bad roads, dangerous curve the trio managed to reach the destination overcoming all obstacles.

They were also looking for other women bikers during the journey and exchanged numbers so that they can plan a major venture in future.


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