Wide-spread irregularities in collecting postal votes of Assembly election : BJP alleges

BJP Kerala Unit President K Surendran has alleged that there has been widespread irregularities in the collection of postal votes of the recently held Assembly election in the state.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Mr Surendran said many postal votes were collected in open cover without sealing them. This is in contravention of norms and opens up possibilities for manipulations.

He said neither the candidates or their agents were informed the count of postal ballots under each constituency nor there is a total and clear count of postal votes.

It is the duty and responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure safety and transparency of postal votes, Mr Surendran said.

There are more chances for manipulation of special postal votes introduced for the 80-plus and others this time. Most of the officials who collected this belonged to the Left unions and had resorted to malpractice, he alleged.

The lose method of collecting such votes had helped the officials to manipulate the system, he added.


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